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Salesforce's agencies costs are high and great freelancers are hard to find. We offer a unique model to help you find the right talent for your Salesforce project and budget. No upfront fees, no retainers. We make things easier so you can focus on your project without the hassle of finding and managing the best candidates. Contact us today to get started.

Start in 24 hours

Describe your project and budget and will come back to you within 24 hours with the best candidates for your project.


Top 1%

Work with top rated Saleforce candidates and with extensive industry experience. We have over 500 experts in our network.

Budget Efficient

A Salesforce Agency can charge above 250$/h. Our network of talended developer starts from
25$ per hour.

Free Replacement. Forever

Not the right fit on the first try? Our model allows you to change developers as many times as you want at no extra costs.

Fully Managed

Requirement gathering, job posting, interviews, onboarding, time logging system and invoicing is managed by our team.

Complete Service

Background checks, ressource usage, dispute handling, multi currency and project management services, we got you covered.

No commitment

No long-term contract, no hidden fees

No minimum engagements, retainers or hiring costs. With PlusOneMind, you pay only for what you use. Using 5 hours of your ressources will only cost you 5 hours. Want to stop or extend your usage? That is all possible and you do not need to call us or tell us about it.

Let's Find Your Salesforce Developer

Try our unique model for a more efficient way of working for less than any other alternatives.

What Our Customers Have to Say:

“We  started our project the same week”

“We have been looking for a great developer for weeks. After weeks with little progress we decided to try PlusOneMind. Right away we got someone to help us on our project and we were able to focus on our product rather than spending time to try with unknown freelancers.

“The Fexibility of Freelancers without the headaches”

“PlusOneMind suggested us 3 candidates with rates within our budget in only 24 hours. We picked someone in our timezone, with great understanding of our industry and we go great results.  We don't have to manage time logging or to worry when we need to find additional ressources.

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